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To be recognised as a sustainable agriculture input organisation that focuses on improving soil health, agricultural productivity, and nutrient enhancement in produce, enabling farmers to practice sustainable and profitable agriculture by leaning away from the toxic effects of over use of chemical agricultural inputs.


We aim to employ green and innovative technologies to enable farmers to practice sustainable and profitable agriculture. Additionally, we strive to stay in close touch with farmers, guide and support them with a combination of digital + brick & mortar tools.

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Throughout the history of our civilization, OUR SOIL  has been the spine of our land. It nurtures and sustains us. SOIL HEALTH  is the key to a happy future and unless protected, humans stand to lose everything. Modern-day farming, due to rising needs, has adopted quick and unsustainable solutions to increase productivity. The excessive and unguided usage of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is killing our soil. The AVERAGE OC (ORGANIC CARBON) of Indian soils has Reduced to .3% and the nutrient quality of crops is at an all-time low! Farmers in developing countries are facing the brunt of these effects. Unless something changes, we’re in for an irreparable scenario. The time to act is now!

We’re  IRESOIL AGRO TECH PVT LDT, an Agritech startup primarily focused on Empowering farmers to practice sustainable and profitable farming enabled by green tech and innovations. We’re passionate about safeguarding our soil health with our innovative minds, which is exactly why we present to you our 3 Strategic Business Units aimed at enabling farmers to practice sustainable agriculture and safeguard our soil and climate. 

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Iresoil Agripack is an integrated technology solution for renewable energy and sustainable agriculture that comprehensively addresses the three needs of climate change, agriculture and livelihood sustainability. 

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Agrihub is a decentralized enterprise for microentrepreneurs. It consists of four key components (Jeevan, Kavach, Vermicompost and Azolla) aimed at protecting and nurturing crops and soil. 

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PROM is a phosphate-rich organic manure (Powder form or Granular) and an alternative to DAP and SSP substitutes. It is an excellent soil conditioner which improves soil structure and soil water balance. It ensures quality production by stimulating micro-organism activity.

Our Customers Speak For Us

Users of Iresoil Products

At Iresoil, we believe that Our customers are a true reflection of the impact we want to have on this world. Through their words, we find a deeper meaning and purpose to stay committed to our mission- to protect, nourish, and empower our soil and farmers.

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Some More Testimonials

• Increase the Yield of onion
• Reduced the use of chemical fertilizers

Santosh Dattatray Sinalkar Ambegao, Pune

• Good vegetative growth in Sugarcane
• Yield increase in Napier grass

Nitin Gorakh Giramkar Shirur , Pune

• Use in foliar application
• Yield and Size of Pomegranate is increased

Archana Sangram Gawade Phaltan, Satara

• Increase in yield of wheat
• Soil porosity increased significantly

Sunil Abaji Ghadge Phaltan, Satara

• Increase in yield of Ground Nut
• Good Vegetative growth in sugarcane

Amol Dattatray Gawade Phaltan, Satara

• Size of onion increases
• Soil fertility increases

Sandip Manohar Deshmukh Shirur, Pune

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Rooted in Soil, Nurturing the Climate

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Explore our captivating video gallery showcasing the artistry, innovation, and impact of our work. From soil health insights to inspiring farmer stories, our videos are a testament to our commitment.

Climate change and possible solution

A prolific name in sustainability, Mr. Girish Sohani (Principal Advisor, Iresoil Agro Tech Private Limited) reflects on the extreme climatic changes and how the key to safeguarding our future is to incorporate sustainability in our lifestyle, economic activities, and agriculture.

Sustainable Agriculture

Mr. Ganesh Sanap (Micro Entrepreneur, Iresoil Agro Tech Private Limited) reflects on the importance of sustanable agriculture


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